Dualshock Nexus: Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Review

Dualshock Nexus: "Check out Dualshock Nexus's video review on the Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC"

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Zancruz2933d ago

I stopped playing KZ3 and I'm not feelin it anymore... Trading it in for Brink.

rezzah2933d ago

I played the hell outta it on both SP and MP, but it isn't the same as KZ2 once was.

I gotta move on eventually, I have a ton of game to play and beat.

Heavy Rain, Dante's Inferno, Splatter House, Resonance of Fate, and a couple more. Also the next set of games coming out this month and the following months...

Zancruz2933d ago

Heavy Rain and Dante's inferno are both great games I beat them myself.... Splatterhouse is on my Q-List.

jim00zzxx2933d ago

well, i am keeping my copy of KZ3 because i still feelin it.
but what i will do is trade in my copy of Crysis 2 for Brink.

undercovrr2933d ago

Ditto. I'm surprised with myself because I got bored with the game in 5 days. I loved Kz2, but this feels way to similar

SpLinT2933d ago

People still play this?

rezzah2933d ago

No, that's why they released the DLC knowing that zero amount of people will pay for it.

They purposefully set themselves up for a loss. They're that smart, just like you.

Ju2933d ago

Sometimes...the top comments come from people who are not interested in the game. Why bother commenting.

Got it today. Junkyard wowed me. Wow. Chaotic. Need some time to learn the map. But great map. The other one...looks pretty, just played one match each. Nice. I like them both.

undercovrr2933d ago

comments mean both positive and negative opinions about a game. Thats what comments are or else there would be no point.

rezzah2933d ago

A comment can be fact.

Which means comment being opinion only is wrong.

undercovrr2933d ago

@ rezzah

What? do you even understand what you just said? A comment means a person's OPINION, which can be a fact, or completely false. But in the end, it is what somebody thinks about something. Google it...

Zancruz2933d ago

Well I was interested in the game, But it got boring too fast and this new DLC is nothing to get excited about its nothing but two maps? Big deal... After you learn then you'll just get bored with them just like the rest. Killzone 3 is a good game, But its multiplayer either leave you mad as hell because your teammates don't know how to play right or you'll get bored very quickly because its the same old same old multiplayer games. Now I loved the Operation game mode, But 3 maps gets boring.

Ju2933d ago

" this new DLC is nothing to get excited" ... says the one who doesn't play them (or did you actually download it?). Repeating myself. But, sure, everybody is entitled to his/her opinion.

Zancruz2932d ago

Ju I rarely buy DLC, Because its mostly overpriced stuff that should've been in the game in the first place. DLC is nothing more than a developers way of making more money on us and with people continues to buy this type of mediocre content its only gonna get worst. With that said for me to buy some DLC it really has to get my blood boiling with excitement and map packs don't do that expescially for game that I'm already bored with...