Is the Next Generation Imminent?

MMGN writes: The PlayStation 3 is far from the end of its run. You could argue that it hasn’t even begun its pre-sprint jog yet. Only now, some four-plus years after its release, are developers starting to really take advantage of the hardware. The console’s superb line-up of exclusives in 2011 is only further proof of this.

On the flip side, both the Xbox 360 and Wii look to be at the end of their runs. In this current retail climate, hardware sales do not normally determine whether or not we’re going to see new hardware. The PSP dominated the hardware sales charts in Japan recently, despite the release of the 3DS, and yet Sony is prepping for the release of its predecessor in late-2011.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2746d ago

The author makes some interesting points. He needs to learn to use 'successor' instead of 'predecessor,' however. Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect a journalist to have some kind of decent vocabulary?

hot1112746d ago

PS3 site talking trash about competition.How predictble...
Flamebait article

Droid Control2746d ago

The Wii has last gen tech. It was outdated in 2006. The 360 became useless last year. The PS3 has a couple of years left in it.

theonlylolking2746d ago

The wii had PS2 gen tech, the 360 was good until 2009 and the PS3 should stop in 2012

ChickeyCantor2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Its funny how "imo" is usually mistaken for "FACT".
You can't "imo" something like hardware of a generation. Or when factual numbers and benchmarks are representable.

Its like saying a red ball is blue
"Imo I think the red ball is blue, with a pinch of green".

ITS FLAWED. And doesn't makes sense at all. It just makes you sound retarded.

If you said "Imo, Wii games look like PS2 games" or "Imo, Wii games are comparable to Ps2 games".
Then your your "opinion" has some merit. Whether one agrees or not is something different.

Theyellowflash302746d ago

Yeah a bit of a flame-bait article. I love how PS3 sites and fanboys will say the PSP outsold the 3DS in Japan but not mention everywhere else. Is Japan the only market that matters when it comes to handhelds? Last time I checked America buys plenty of handhelds too. Not to mention many of the sites that reported that fail to rationalize it at all. I think its quite clear the PSP has more games on it now so it will sell more. As more games like Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, DOA, and Zelda are released I would be very surprised if the PSP outsold the 3DS.

Not to mention he actually agrees with what that douchbag said about Nintendo and Microsoft. I think If this generation has proved anything to me shiny graphics doesn't get me to buy something. RFOM, Uncharted, MAG, Socom have all failed to grab my attention cause it seems like the developers are more focused on Graphics and storytelling than new innovative gameplay.

Some of my most anticipated games are coming on the the "baby sitting" tool system and the outdated Wii. Legend of Zelda OOT 3D, Legend of Zelda SS, The Last Story, just to name a few.

blodulv2746d ago

I still think Sony should go ahead and release the PS4 within a year or so and give the PS3 the PS2 treatment by still supporting it for 5+ years.

Everyone will be happy.

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