Joystiq:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Preview

Joystiq: "Ocarina of Time's menus have been relegated to the touch-screen below, giving players quick and easy access to the inventory, song list and anything else that's pertinent. Outside of the analog nub (which felt great), this is the single biggest change to the way the game plays. In situations where accessing items or changing gear quickly is paramount, though it's a bit daunting how much clutter there is at first. After an hour with the game, I was using the touch-screen like a champ; tap this, equip that, what a professional.

The camera is also a bit different in the 3DS game. Quickly tapping the L trigger will orient the camera behind Link, and a "view" button on the touch-screen quickly puts you into first-person mode. While in first-person, you can move the camera around with the analog nub or through use of the gyroscope."

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