More inFAMOUS 2 Easter Eggs

Dualshock Nexus: "It appears that Sucker Punch is adding a bit of humor lately by referencing a lot of popular video games with XXX movie titles. Sucker Punch deserves a nice pat on the back for their effort in adding a bit of light comedy to the atmosphere of inFAMOUS 2. After watching a few more UGC gameplay videos I noticed two more easter eggs that have not been revealed. Check them out below."

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Dart892931d ago

xDDD Good find's man.

Treezy5042931d ago

I knew they couldn't leave out our buddy Drake :)

YodaCracker2931d ago

This is cool and all, but why ruin all these Easter eggs? They are supposed to be discovered by the player, not spoiled before you even play the game.

young juice2931d ago

who says you have to read the article?

Darkspade2931d ago

wow looks alittle cartooning, what happen to the last one's style, Dam these companies

Kamin02931d ago

Uncharted Love......=)

starcb262931d ago

I hope they have a sesame street easter egg.

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