GameTrailers: Resistance 3 - Redesigned Gameplay Interview

Find out what changes are coming to the gameplay and story of Resistance 3 in this interview with Lead Designer Drew Murray

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BK-2012934d ago

Looks like the Campaign will put GG to shame. Not sure about R3's MP though.

ComboBreaker2934d ago

Campaign's gonna be awesome. So intense.

Joni-Ice2934d ago

I hope so BK, in a good way.

SpLinT2934d ago

This game should be good. The only thing that I cringed over was.. "we are introducing a new enemy..the sniper hybrid...they are also cloaked" I know a cloak is on the MP but I hope its not ruined like KZ3 was. Im sick of cloak man, KZ3,Crysis2,even Halo Reach has it, Ghost recon: GHOST, i think even the next Resident evil will have it. no one wants to play soccer or paintball with invisible players whats the difference in a game.