Resistance 3 - Ruins of Wrightsburg Gameplay

Take a haunting and violent boat tour through the ruins of Wrightsburg in this clip from Resistance 3

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dooge2835d ago

Looks awesome, but my god what awful voice acting.

grailly2835d ago

yeah... the guy in the boat does seem quite calm

pangitkqb2835d ago

Freakin' awesome! i'm thrilled for R3.

forcefullpower2835d ago

Voices were not that bad. But damn the game looks awesome. Hopefully i will platinum resistance 2 before this comes out.

kaveti66162835d ago

Dev1: "Hey, this character is a Russian. Should we hire a Russian voice actor to do the voice?"

Dev2: "Nah, I'm a great impersonator. We might as well save some money and let me voice it, eh, Comrade?"

ThanatosDMC2835d ago

Kinda wish the character you're controlling would say something... i mean... monsters all around him, they're gonna die, flying robots with lightning bolts, etc. Yet, he remains queit.

MidnytRain2834d ago

In the section of the video when the grims appear (1:55), I believe it is Capelli who says, "Hello? Is anyone there?" I could be mistaken though, but to me, it didn't sound quite like the professor. I'll admit though, I can't remember what Capelli sounded like.

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InTheKnow2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

The frame rate is going to need some work but it's still early. The smoke and fog add great atmosphere. Hope to see more at E3. Link wouldn't work for me.

Reminds me of Metro 2033. If you haven't played that game yet, give it a go. Lots of atmosphere and weird creatures as well.

OhMyGandhi2835d ago

didn't like how the fog looked oddly enough, didn't seem like it had much volume, just flat whips of it, which is alright, but doesn't really make the water seem creepy as it should.

The water is another thing that bothered me, the "splash" in the water didn't look as realistic as it should.

Keeping my hopes for up this game though, Insomniac has a great sense atmosphere with these guys.

I didn't like the first Resistance, I actually nearly loved the second one (one of the few I suppose for some reason.) and I am extremely excited for this one.

MrDead2835d ago

well its lucky the game has till september before its released, alot of shine is added in the last stages of development.


Why do you feel the need to comment on PS3 games, from your comment history it appears that you do not care for the console?

OhMyGandhi2835d ago

I agree, they do have time to polish it up.

cochise3132835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

This looks awsome. I hope they add move support. Who do you play as in this one?

pangitkqb2835d ago

Joseph Capelli. He was an NPC in R2 who had been infected just like Nathan Hale.

blusoops2835d ago

Move support and 3d have already been confirmed.

tigertron2835d ago

We saw this video yesterday. Still looks awesome though.

trainsinrdr2835d ago

i hope this one has a bit more closure to the story im tired of every single fps having a cliffhanger ending

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