Early Look at Steam Overlay on Playstation

Today Valve and Sony released details on how the union of PS3 and Steam will go down when Portal 2 releases next week. And to go along with that Press X or Die have a bunch of screens of the overlay in action.

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Philaroni2932d ago

This is what the in game XMB should be replaced with. I really hope Sony and Valve take Steam to the next level on PS3. I feel this is much to important to help bridge that gap between PC and System owners. Its nothing but good for everyone.

a_bro2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

i think, and i hope that sony will learn from their mistakes when it comes to social networking on consoles, and implement it on the PS4 if it ever comes out.

maybe seeing steam running on PS3 will inspire them.

Philaroni2932d ago

Not so much mistakes, Unlike MS who has a huge network backing and was already doing it on the PC and Xbox one. Sony had to start fresh and is a new thing for the company. They come a long way I feel since the PS3 first came out.

They are not moving fast enough to catch XBL they still have a few issues to work out and features to add but that will come in time. It is also up to the users to keep pushing Sony.

colonel1792932d ago

I loved the XMB on the PSP, but on the PS3 it doesn't make sense; but as Philaroni said, they had a fresh start. I am looking forward to what they do on the PS3 with the OS and integration with Playstation Network ( I actually think they should change the name to Sony Online Network or something like that since it is being used o other sony devices)

Philaroni2932d ago

I do like the XMB on the PS3 just unlike the 360's UI the XBM does a poor job of giving information to the user. It also is very hard to make themes that work well for it since you cant see much of anything unless it is a very dark them or you turn the brightness way down. I do like it, just, the market has changed and so have the needs of there users. The UI needs to be updated to meet those needs.

captain-obvious2931d ago

as a gamer that owns both a PS3 and a PC (with a steam account)


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metsgaming2932d ago

XMB is fine, its simple and easy to use. It should stay the way it is you dont want to make it complicated like the xbox dash. I would support having people choose for themselves but i doubt they would do that so keep it.

egidem2932d ago

Some people might beg to differ. The XMB is okay, but Microsoft's dashboard is user-friendlier. Also, one thing that needs to be changed in the PS3's XMB is the speed during a game.

Scenario: If I want to compare achievements with a friend it is not a hassle, just go to the friend, then chose compare achievements. I can look at each achievements and at ANY TIME, I can hit the guide button to exit EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

On the PS3, it's not quite the same. Each column of tasks has to reload. You choose a friend, and you have to sync first, which can sometimes take quite some time. After it syncs, it then loads the games one by one, select each game to view individual trophies. You can't exit to the screen with a single push of a button. You have to exit a couple of menus first. The whole thing is slower compared to the dashboard.

Some things should be changed for the XMB. First, it should be trimmed down during in game to avoid the load times. However I do love the fact that I can access many elements without the need of exiting the game.

MGRogue20172932d ago

Looks perfectly fine.

I can't see anything wrong with this at all, very nice.

colonel1792932d ago

I thought they were going to add an icon on the XMB...

Philaroni2932d ago

I think they will, looking at how major of a feature this is I'd expect more news at E3 about it. Just give it time.

MGRogue20172932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

This is the in-game mini dashboard of Steam.

There's definately going to be an "icon"/ full application for it on the PS3's XMB, for sure.

xCaptainAmazing2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Text chat is lame and insulting if that's all it includes between PC/Mac and PS3 owners. Otherwise I think it looks fantastic.

a_bro2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

well, this is the first implementation of steam on PSN. give it time and it will evolve.

just be happy that its very functional and friendly. this is the way i expected it to be in the first place and Valve did a tremendous job here. my expectations have been exceeded seeing this.

xCaptainAmazing2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

It has far exceeded my expectations and looks fantastic, but honestly, if you can't voice chat with your PC friend what's the point... I'm sure you can in game. You must be able to.

Being limited to text chat through the actual Steam interface is fine, as long as cross-platform headset communication is enabled while literally playing.

STONEY42931d ago

Text chat is perfectly fine from the PC users side, I don't know a PC game that doesn't support it since it only takes a couple seconds to type out something urgent through a keyboard. More than half the conversations in PC multiplayer games are text. It's very easy to communicate with the headset-users through text.

Now from the PS3 side... headset support is necessary, and I'm pretty sure it'll be supported. Really, text chatting is pointless on consoles, takes about a minute for each sentence.

And the Steamworks features on PS3 are looking really damn great. I'm sure it will continue to change, and I don't think Valve designed this for just one game. Trust me, Steam is a far better community platform than either PSN or XBL, by miles, even with only the few Steamworks features. For you guys, I hope it evolves to the level of Steam on PC, because really, it's spectacular.

deanbmmv2932d ago

From what I understand: yes you can voice chat. Just in this case text chat was much easier since he has no headset.

Oner2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I would expect XGame Chat to drop soon on the PSN using Steam as the handler possibly? Xrosses Fingers ;P

DarkBlood2932d ago

would be cool if you could play your steam games on your ps3 providing the ps3 has the requirements to handle it, like thinking as a computer but im just dreaming an unrealistic dream right now lol

ChozenWoan2931d ago

All in due time. But on the up side you can play your PS3 Steam enabled games on your PC version of steam so it's a step into the right direction.

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