Interview: Lionhead on Fable III, PC and GFWL

RockPaperShotgun: "So, when RockPaperShotgun pottered off to Lionhead to take a peek at the upcoming PC version of Fable III, RockPaperShotgun also had a chat with lead designer Josh Atkins. Read on for how the studio feels about PC gaming and PC gamers, the choices, changes and improvements they made for the PC version of Fable III, how youngsters react to difficult moral decisions in games, and the thorny issue of Games For Windows Live

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sonicsidewinder2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

A schoolboy could see through this plot.

They're releasing it to contend with the Witcher 2. Wonder which rpg is gonna sell well?

A hardcore, crafted sequal to one of the best rpg games ever?

Or a port of a game that shit on console was shitter than Fable 2, which itself was shitter than Fable 1.
(I loved Fable 1)

This aint rocket science. Fable 3's gonna be a patsy for Microsoft to come out and say,

"Ner Ner! See, PC's none-profitable!"

As they go back to fucking with AOE.
(seeing as they're two faced arses who cba giving the pc full attention)