Street Fighter x Tekken: 8 Minute Gameplay Video

SDTekken: "Eight minutes of Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay full of Kazuya’s EWGFs, King’s multi-throws and Marduk’s tackles? One word: YES! CAPTIVATE 2011 videos are looking very promising! Our very own MarkMan can be seen in this video playing the Kazuya & King team Pity that the game will be released in 2012"

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Graphics2927d ago

Man who ever is playing is terrible, makes the game seem boring WHEN ITS NOT...

Urrakia342927d ago

Kinda looks a bit underwhelming tbh

cr33ping_death2927d ago

i think TEKKEN X SF will be better. i think theyll cut back on the fireballs etc... from SF characters and make them more hand to hand.

NiteX2927d ago

Yeah I'm really waiting for TKxSF hope its good. If not then we always have Tekken Tag 2.

guigsy2927d ago

I wish that they didn't use a 2D plane for EVERY fighting game now. Given the current technology they could make a truly awesome fighter with fully interactive stages, but no one has dared to do it.

guigsy2927d ago

I know but look at every fighting game released in the last year and they're all using these 2D planes - Mortal Kombat will and so will this. Not that there's anything wrong with them but they're not taking advantage of the technology available to them and therefore not taking the genre forward.

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