40GB PLAYSTATION 3 Coming to US November 2, 2007

An image revealing the new 40GB PS3 for the U.S market was on page 2 and 32 on the Nielson Page for this week. It writes that the $400 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 will be launching November 2, 2007. Yet, this is still not an official confirmation of a US release date.

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DarkArcani4483d ago

It would make sense to be available after October. Between Black Friday and Christmas will be huge time.

kingofps34483d ago

Also, I would have liked it if Sony brough the white or the silver PS3 to the North American market.

Anyways, atleast Europe is taken back by Sony. Now, it time for US. Japan, I just dont understand.

nasim4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )


ps3 at no 2....x360 not in top 20.

Resistance is right up there at no 6 too . HS,F1 and MOTORSTORM are above x360


ps3 at no 2 ...x360 non existent


Motorstorm no 1, followed by six axis controller and ps3 at no 2 and 3.
F1 and Resistance at no 9 and 11 respectively .x360 is non existent

ps3 at no 4 ...x360 not in top 25

ps3 at no 23 and x360 at no 28

CONCLUSION :- HALO 3 bundle couldnt even move x360s in EU . x360 is now dead in EU

@the BOT below

i didnt post just AMAZON NUMBERS.

i posted links from GAME,PLAY and HMV(biggest retailer in EU)

ElementX4483d ago

LOL, Amazon numbers. Amazon is just one retailer. Get this, not everyone goes to purchase things online! OMG, isn't that amazing! I wish you 360 haters would just get a life. All you do is troll around and bash this and bash that. Any bad news about PS3 and you sh!t your pants in anger and create more flaming posts.

pwnsause4483d ago

well amazon charts gives you an idea on whats going on in the market. take the HD-Format war for example, thats been taken from the amazon sales charts, that looks pretty accurate to me.

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godcrusher4483d ago

I already have my 400 put back.

eagle214483d ago

This site has not reported the amazing jump the PS3 has done on amazon japan. The 60 gb has had a price drop since monday and sales have kept it on the bestsellers list. The 40 gb white is currently on pre-order at number 26. Usually PS3 ranked 130-140 on amazon japan before these price drops and 40gb model listings. But now the PS3 is doing well, with no wii console in sight in the hot 100. I think the ps3 might outsell the wii in japan next week. And on November 11, 2007 the PS3 will only be $341 US dollars in japan (40gb)! The wii better get freakin' ready! The 60gb before the price drop was $515 US dollars, this has kept PS3 sales half the wii sales (wii costs $214 US dollars with no wii sports pack in). So $214 vs. $341 for a real next gen console with high definition playback. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

DEADEND4483d ago

I couldn't agree with you any more my friend, just about everything you've just said is absolutely true. And I can easily see SONY selling 11 million PS3 by march.

Sevir044483d ago

and it will also be a system seller. ratchet is reason enough to buy a ps3. and Insomniac titles are just one of the many reasons to own a playstation console. it's freaking awesome. i just hope sony give alittle incentive.. dropping the price of the 80g to $500 with the bundled motorstorm.

pwnsause4483d ago

that will be a great idea

Jdash244483d ago

thats an awesome bundle idea..........the insomniac bundle.........ratchet and would be an amazing deal

AnalFace4483d ago

maybe it might sell well.. lets hope!

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