PAX East 2011: BattleBlock Theater - Hands-On Preview (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich got to spend a little time with the next project from Castle Crashers devs, The Behemoth:

"The Behemoth is one of the few developers I can think of with such a strong focus on cooperative games. Sure, the original Alien Hominid was a single player affair, but from then on it seemed as though they were dead-set on creating games that were best played with friends. BattleBlock Theater certainly doesn’t buck that trend, but it’s also quite possibly their best effort to date."

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RobsteinOne2770d ago

Chances are good that BattleBlock Theater will totally eclipse The Behemoth's other popular titles when it comes out.

Giantsquirrel2770d ago

Didn't Castle Crashers take a thousand years to come out?

ShadowPraxis2770d ago

To be fair, this was first announced like, two years ago. So we're partway there already.