Sony And Valve Together Gets The Upper Hand Against Xbox Live

GameBlurb writes, "In what seemed like a twist out of an M. Night Shylaman movie, Valve and Sony are finally up together building what seems to a bigger, badder, better platform. It is probably the first time we’ve seen two exclusive communities-one on the PC and the other being the PlayStation Network-collide and merge together. Does this newfound relationship give a upperhand against Xbox Live? I honestly think so."

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liquidxtension2744d ago

Definitely. I love Steam and PlayStation Network is good if not better than Xbox Live. If both get together, it's gonna be awesome.

zeal0us2744d ago

If they do join its M$ fault and loss. Ever wonder why you Games for Windows live(w/e its called) and stream don't have gaming together, M$ blocking it.

I would love to steam to both sony and m$

Redgehammer2744d ago

@zeal0us I would love to see Steamworks on my 360, but Gabe N can keep steam. IMO
@liquidxtension your opinion is a valid as is most, I just happen to disagree with you. PSN is not better than XBLA and I really am not a fan of Steam

evrfighter2744d ago

Gabe is steamrolling the gaming industry.

He is singlehandedly changing the game for the better.

junk3d2744d ago

Ill just have to wait and see really. But the wait is gonnna be really short!

Kiroe2744d ago

All I know is that if steam will allow future crossplatform gameplay, then that will be one feature that the 360 will never have.

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TheXonySbox2744d ago

How does one game make it better?

It has the potential to be better, when it adds voice chat/messaging (Xgamechat).

junk3d2744d ago

Portal 2 is not the only game that will be released on Ps3. He's also talking about the potential of it in the future.

Aussiegamer2744d ago

Yeah I always wanna chat to friends when their playing lego indie will im playing killzone 3, we have so much to chat about, gosh its so handy and all.


Ducky2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I chat with people while playing all sorts of games.

You might not find it that useful, but it's a nice feature for those of us that don't want a solitary affair.

Danielmccue2744d ago

I talk to my real life friends on Xbox pretty much constantly whenever i'm on LIVE.

The party system is perfect for avoiding the rabble and being able to talk to each other without some idiot talking over you.

GoldPS32744d ago

Hahaha you said it Aussiegamer. Cross game chat is useless.

RockmanII72744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

You don't know how good it is until you use it. I'm always in partys talking to people playing other games.

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SnakeMustDie2744d ago

So xgame chat is better than crossplatform gaming?

theonlylolking2744d ago

It does not but every "fanboy" usually uses 1 game that supposedly prove that there platform they game on is better.

PC fanboys say the game Crysis makes the PC better because "current" consoles cannot run it.

360 fanboys would say halo or gears

PS3 fanboys would most likely say uncharted

ufo8mycat2744d ago

Problem is Crysis 1 is only avergae. Halo is average. Gears is great. Uncharted is amazing.

1 game definitely doesn't make 1 system better then the other, but having MANY quality games that are available on that system AND also having the majority of mulitplatform games, makes that system better.

THats why the 360 is becoming nearly as bad as the PC in regards to gaming. Hardly any games that set them apart from the PS3

RockmanII72744d ago

^^^ Please don't state opinions as facts

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Raven_Nomad2744d ago

Other games on the 360 have integrated P.C. players against Console players. Shadow Run for one and Final Fantasy online was another.

Valve has even said they would definitely be interested in bringing Steam Works to XBL.

majiebeast2744d ago

Shadow run really thats your prime example...

Raven_Nomad2744d ago

It was a good example, it was a pretty cool game, but going up against people using keyboard and Mouse was a bad idea.

Which is why the online died out so fast on the XBL.

I also listed Final Fantasy Online as an example. I believe those people played against P.C. and PS2 users, if there were any PS2 users left on that game, I remember you had to have that failed HDD on PS2 to be able to use it or something....

slate912744d ago

Im sorry, but I still play shadowrun now. It's an under the radar game that deserves a sequel.

Redgehammer2744d ago

Why would you disregard Shadowrun as an example , because it was the 360 and PC, or because you just did not like it?
The 360 Shadowrun community still exists, I have friends that are still constantly playing it. Just like TF2 Classic on the 360, everytime they reset our leaderboards we are back to around 40000 unique gold member gamertags within 2-3 weeks. Pretty good for a game "nobody plays on the 360".

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