How Mortal Kombat Lost Its Way

"Once a proud fighting game that packed arcades and enraged politicians, Mortal Kombat eventually became bloated and irrelevant under the weight of new gimmicks and dozens of superfluous characters. So it's no surprise that on April 19, the series goes back to basics, stripping away the transgressions that turned Mortal Kombat into an also-ran."

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Dart892930d ago

My only gripe is they added how to do the fatalities they should have kept it like old school old school MK you had to figure them out.Other than that can't wait till Tues.

cr33ping_death2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

oh you mean like buying a magazine and figuring it out? or googling it? might as well put them in.

RedDead2930d ago

It was basically impossible to do them without looking them up

jukins2930d ago

lol yea im sure tons of ppl randomly figured out how to do the fatalaties the correct distance the correct button inputs all by themselves

Neko_Mega2930d ago

This is why I'm happy with the new MK game, its back to the way it should be.

nano882930d ago

Mortal Tuesday I'm there

zeal0us2930d ago

dail a combo isn't all that bad about every fighter would/will transition to this point.

I think MK:Armageddon was the final straw, no individual fatalities,even though MKvDCU basically destoryed what MK unique, blood,gore and actual fatalities. The storyline was actually good but the reduce blood and etc is kept me from buying it.

Lol the run in mk3 wasn't bad but thought it was kinda of funny. I'm going to run towards you see if you can stop me.

sleepy32929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

MK was never good. Go back and play MK and SF2. MK is a stiff mess with choppy animation whereas SF2 is smooth and fun to this day.

Kratos is the last gasp for this franchise. Its like a washed up singer putting out a sex tape to get some buzz. I doubt it will work. Cause if it does, you know what's next....Every washed up game franchise is gonna try to put in some character just to build hype.

Kratos is Dynasty Warriors
Solid Snake in Perfect Dark
Ratchet in Sonic.

Desperate grabs for attention won't work.