Space Giraffe is the Worst Game Ever and Jeff Minter Should Be Ashamed of Himself

Joe from Bits n Bytes writes about the worst game he's ever played, Xbox Live Arcade game Space Giraffe.

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Cajun Chicken3713d ago

Rubbish. It's a good game, it's just a lot like Tempest, mainly vecause he did a cool port of that, plus, you have to get Jeff's humour.

I've had a pic with the guy!

3712d ago
Alos883712d ago

Regardless of how bad it is, Jeff Minter should still be ashamed after the shameful way he reacted to the negative reviews.

barb_wire3712d ago

Another variation on Tempest by Minter? How many is that now? Still I've always liked Minter's games, Revenge of the Mutant Camels is probably my favorite, wasted some many hours playing that on the C64.

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