Editorial: Should Twitter be considered a viable news source?

VGW: The gaming press at large has recently shown a surging interest in celebritizing game developers and treating tweets as the gospel truth. From Cliff Bleszinski’s thoughts on whiskey and one-armed women to what Kojima is or is not eating for lunch, industry writers now more than ever are obsessed with the personal activities of game developers. If sites want to turn their coverage into the video game equivalent of Perez Hilton, more power to them. But given its impulsive nature, should Twitter be considered a reliable source of gaming news? Events that unfolded today point to a resounding "no."

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Queasy2747d ago

Really depends. Some of the stuff devs or other personalities reveal is good stuff. The Battlefield 3 devs for instance did a great job of using Twitter for a Q&A session with fans. David Jaffe has revealed some interesting thoughts via Twitter too.

Sites reporting Cliff Bleszenski every time he says something to tweak fanboys is the other end of the spectrum though and probably really not needed.

My last thought is that many game companies are essentially using Twitter for PR purposes. These PR accounts should definitely be considered a newsworthy source.

Dorwrath2747d ago

Considering what crap and drivel gets posted on N4G then of course it should.

BShea2747d ago

Do I sense a "Should n4g be considered a viable news source" sequel?

killyourfm2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

@Bshea: Confirmed!

telekineticmantis2747d ago

95% of the shitte that comes through from Journalists is Unprofessional, unmeritable, Garbage material, lacking in credibility anyway. We'd be better off listening to children on youtube, give us "inside scoops" and "in depth reviews" so twitter can join the pile, they lay a fresh one everyday.

sickbird2747d ago

twitter is great for news, especially for sports. News always appears on twitter first.

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