New Yakuza 3 Screenshots

PSU writes, "Yakuza 3's storyline kicks off with an interesting concept as gamers start in a town called Gion, which is a historical section of Kyoto known for its geisha girls. It is here were it is said that the women use their body to accumulate money while the men use their money to buy dreams. This is where the story begins as bodyguard; Kazumanosuke Kiryu is engaged by a young female named Haruka. Young Karuka asks Kiryu to kill off a character named Musashi Miyamoto. From there the vast story launches into full gear which is set to take you on a emotion and action packed ride".

"Yakuza 3 brings about many new features such as four fighting styles (single blade, dual blade, fists, and broad sword), "Heat Action" special movies, and dramatic camera angels. To add to the replay-value, over 100 side quests are obtainable as well as countless mini-games such as shogi, dice, and archery".

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Bigmac5734481d ago

Im definitely interested in this game along with Valkyrie of the Battlefield. Sega is back on the ball again.

MRMagoo1234481d ago

yey another tip used ill be a contributer soon

americanGTA4481d ago

IS this coming to the us is the question....

kingofps34481d ago

Nope, as of writing this. IGN writes that "so far, Japan is the only country getting the title. Look for it in early 2008".

I am looking forward to this one. Hopefully, it will make it to our shore.

achira4481d ago

looks awesesome! i think this will come to the us too.