An attempt to grow up? We Dare and the state of the industry

Bitmob writes "Interactive entertainment has never quite made it out of its troubled adolescence. As far as we've come -- all the way from simple, chunky blocks of primary colors -- gaming has always been the surly teenager, obsessed with kill-counts, bust sizes, and ruthless profanity. A brief glance across store shelves demonstrates how seriously most games take themselves, from the endless parade of grimacing space marines to Kratos tearing the wings off Harpies with a scowl and a snarl."

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Sadie21002932d ago

I am still in disbelief that commercial (and game, for that matter) was made in the first place.

CyberCam2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Agreed! Pegi 12+ rating, for a game that simulates kinky sexual acts???

Shouldn't adults leave that smut in the privacy of their bedrooms?

What a world we live in??? None of what's going on now (in terms of sexual perversions), has never been widely acceptable since the beginning of time, it was there but always hidden... until now, it's all out in the open & freely accepted! God must be really pissed with us humans in these last days!

distorted_reality2932d ago

My sarcasm sense is tingling...