FIFA Street 4 Confirmed?

We’ve received a screen capture of what looks to be confirmation that FIFA Street 4 is on the way, despite FIFA’s lead producer, David Rutter, stating that EA have “absolutely no intention” of releasing another FIFA Street game anytime soon. The tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, came across the information while completing surveys online.

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Rampaged Death2744d ago

This is a surprise. Really don't know what to expect from this.

farhad2k82744d ago

As long as they don't bring back the hideous Fifa Street 3 graphics, I think it would be a nice game. If there was some way of linking Fifa 12 with it (unlocks etc), EA could pull it off.

I'm certainly looking forwards to another Fifa Street.

Anderson82744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

this will probably be as [email protected] as the last one

Unknown_SNAKE2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

i hope so :|
but only one thing EA if u want this title Rock >>> crazy fun multiplayers modes

edit: why not make a singleplayer mode with a normal guy who loves football & plays on streets alot and make a story of how he will become a superstar in the end :D >>> Lol just kiddin .. but why not :|

ApexHell2744d ago

there were 3 before it ?

user94220772744d ago

Yeah, and it was so rubbish.

Will be happy if this rumor is true, screen looks pretty legit.

NoobJobz2744d ago

I thought the last one was kind of fun. Definetely wouldn't have bought it but I thought it was a fun rental.

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