This Week in PlayStation Home: Sodium 2 Beta Access & Mansion Garage Tours

PSBlog writes "This Thursday, April 14th, you too can become one of a strictly limited number of players to gain early entry to Sodium 2-Project Velocity, the soon-to-be-released high-energy racer available only in PlayStation Home. Visit the commerce point in the new-and-improved Sodium Hub to claim your free beta object, which will give you access to the adrenaline-fuelled world of the Sodium 2 beta via the teleportal in the Sodium Hub. Don’t miss your chance to become one of the privileged few to test pilot a Sodium 2 Velocity Racer!"

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Godmars2902746d ago

Not the least bit disturbing...

Pain2745d ago

I think its funny .. in the beginning Home was moodiest in a way in terms of fashion,now its Maxim magazine and sexy this sexy that..

sure i had a hand in steering Home in that direction.. not my fault i like flesh..