Destructoid: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: The Final Preview

Destructoid writes: "Western fantasy role-playing games have moved in different directions over the years. You have the European type of games like Two Worlds II, the Gothic series, and the original The Witcher. Games that tend to expect a lot of patience from the player while giving you a huge amount of things to do in an open, yet usually (or initially) buggy world".

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tubers2747d ago

"After waking up next to the lovely Triss Merigold -- who happens to sport the best areola and shaven vulva textures of any game to date"

0.o! Id love to see a screenie! xD

undercovrr2747d ago

Its sad that there aren't enough people interested in this amazing underdog of a game, instead they are flocking to trashing DA2 or COD articles