1UP Yours: Backward Incompatible

MTV's Stephen Totilo sits in to talk Super Smash Bros, Wii, and PS3 backward compatibility with 1UP.

1UP writes that "with Shane out to see Too Human and visit with Denis Dyack, MTV News videogame reporter and editor of the MTV Multiplayer blog Stephen Totilo sits in as special guest fourth chair. Don't expect any apologies, though; this group still completely agrees that not including PS2 compatibility in a PS3 is a mistake. And the third segment barely holds all the news between the many Wii announcements, EA buying BioWare and Pandemic alone, and that's before we hit Manhunt 2's second rejection in the UK, Valve's Gabe Newell dissing the PS3, and more. Two hours never went by so fast--grab it and get listening now".

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vaan4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

To tell you the truth, I have the full on launch bells n whistles behemoth PS3. And apart from finishing Final Fantasy XII, I have honestly not played any other ps2 games. And I have tons.
I definitely think there is a weird 'comfort' zone knowing that I have the full backwards compatibility. But as time goes on, how many people use it? Especially when people already have one or two ps2's in the house?
I dunno, it's not such a big deal. I bet the x-girls will spin it as such, but I can't be bothered reading their BS posts.

cloud3604481d ago

Wow you finished FFXII.

I hate that game.

And look you even called yourself the gay main monkey character from FFXII.

ITs by far the worst FF ever created. i was gonna buy 360 thinking my FAv series was going downhill. But then when I heard about FFVII.

Basch4481d ago

When I bought my PS2 I only ever used the backwards-compatibility for FFIX. I suppose this time I could just keep my PS2 and use it for all the stuff I can't play if/ when I buy my PS3... I wish Sony would leave Europe alone :(

Gina-get-u4480d ago

The podcast was about a lot more than just the PS3 BC issues. But this is the last 1up podcast I'll ever listen to. Time and again these guys have proven to be almost as clueless and misinformed as a lot of the punks that post here. In the previous episode they called BS on initial reports that PS3's BC was cancelled, and we know how right they were on that one. Worse, one of them even admitted that he had not known until then that Sony's software BC actually relied on some hardware. This shows me that they don't know jack about how the hardware or the software works.

I've noticed for some time now that the gaming press is not as well informed or professional as other trade press. With most other industries, the trade reporters are usually industry veterans who know the business inside out and have the necessary technical backgrounds to give deeper insights about what they are talking about. For example, a lot of automobile, fashion or sports writers have worked for car companies, clothing retailers, or are former athletes/coaches. They know how cars and engines work, how clothes are made or how a sport is played. And most have relevant degrees or training in engineering, art, fashion design, sports education, etc. But that's not true about most videogame journalists, especially the console reporters. Few if any have basic experience in programming, engineering, marketing or finance, so they aren't equipped to properly explain either the technical or business aspects of videogame development. A lot of them have played a ton of games, and that's it. That's why whenever they talk about software or hardware news, I never get the feeling that they are reporting their own personal understanding and analysis of the raw facts and technical details. Instead, I always get the impression that they are just passing on second-hand fluff that had already been dumbed-down and spoon-fed to them. Without the ability for critical analysis they are just as easily bamboozled as the average gamer.

socomnick4480d ago

I though ff12 was decent But they have been going downhill since 9 for some reason.

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jay34481d ago


tethered4480d ago

@ jay3
I just shot my drink out my nose.

Bubble to ya.

Panthers4481d ago

the only PS2 game I play is Socom 2, and while that game is sweet in 1080i, after the new Socom comes out it wont matter anymore. Plus good games comin out this holiday.

achira4481d ago

i ask why they concentrate only on the negative things on the ps3? they are far more positive things, but no they mention only the negative things. b!tches at its best.

Bathyj4481d ago


Since launch, the two big deals about PS3 were the Price, and lack of games. Buy the end of this year, NEITHER will be a problem anymore so they had to come up with something new to whinge about.

PS3 is really cheap now but just listen to this.

The 40GB is AU$699 in Australia. It used to be AU$1000 for the 60GB. Just trying to give an idea of the price were paying. I think an Elite is about $750 or close to $800. Not sure and doesn't matter, anyway. If you trade in an X360 and just 4 games you can get a PS3 for just $299. Now thats amazing when you consider a month ago the cheap entry point into PS3 was a grand. PS3's first Christmas here is going to be a good one.

Jimboo14481d ago

It's quite obvious that sony intends to sell ps2 content through PSN, it makes commercial sense but it's also much easier to get those games running by recompiling the source code which obviously you can't do with retail disks. It amazes me that 1up are so "retarded" when it comes to understanding sony's strategy.

Vojkan4481d ago

Well let me help you. They are "retarded", bunch of nobodies that got lucky to get that job and now they think they are someone important.

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