What Sony's NGP Needs to Succeed Over Nintendo's 3DS

GameDynamo - "With the 3DS out, and the NGP not far behind, Sony has a lot of work to do to attempt to keep a firm hold in the handheld market. The PSP did a fine job, if not stellar, keeping its ground, but now it’s time for round two. The NGP is promising to be a pretty cool system, but what does it need to do to beat or compete with the 3DS?"

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iamnsuperman2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Price is really the only thing. What we have heard so far there is some killer software coming to the NGP. 3DS has its gimmick and good games which makes it sell but if Sony can match its price it will win favour in the gaming community because of its specs

VampiricDragon_2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

we havent heard anything really for the ngp related to games yet.

And what we have heard aside from uncharted the psp has had games from the same series as well (killzone, resistance, lbp)

and price everyone is predicting will be 299 or over (patcher, all the other analysts, developers)

Dr-Zoidberg2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I am sorry to interject here but what stellar line up? More PS3 ports? If that is what you like then that is fine and while I concur that the 3D of the 3DS is a gimmick and I can't see it being anything but that. (that goes for films and ps3 3d as well btw)

The DS is my fav handheld of all time I loved it for its casual pick up and play games. Yes it had the same old predicatble Ninty stuff, a lot of shovelware and I never paid for brand new games (not worth it IMO, except Mario and Luigi: Bowsers something or other). Before any say it don't start with Iphone or Ipod. They are just quick little games to pass the time and are not what I consider portable gaming.

Parapraxis2836d ago

Ps3 ports > N64 ports.
The 3ds lineup so far is crap.

In comparison, for gamers, the NGP lineup IS stellar.

Dr-Zoidberg2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

True true I don't care for N64 games either but I am sure there will be some stellar games down the line and for the NGP, just not right now. I never have been a fan of updated ports

pain777pas2836d ago

On the OLED screen these ports of Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone and Wipeout will burn retinas. Sorry guys but the system is going to own graphically and stand head and shoulders over current portable hardware. Seriously guys with the dual clicking analog, sticks touch screen, cameras etc... this is a gaming handheld that just owns. I for one am playing GOW collection and I can say that GOW NGP would be great aswell. GT4 online will probably be coming to NGP as well with some intuitive touch control scheme. I for one know that whatever first party games come to this thing are going to look amazing and with the myriad of control inputs is going to play like a handheld lovers dream system. NGP will own in the gaming department from a first party perspective. Plus even if you get watered down shooters at least they will play well. Analog sticks people... freaking analog sticks. Sony thank you. LOL!

FragGen2836d ago

If you like casual garbage just a get a new phone.

With the NGP packing serious hardware it might have a more solid niche as a gaming handheld than the 3DS which will probably end up being targeted to children too young to own a cell phone, since adults already have phones that are perfectly decent casual gaming devices.

Dr-Zoidberg2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Wow a lot of disagrees on this one, I still stand by my opinion and it is just that, one person's opinion. I always prefer handheld consoles from Nintendo than Sony. Not saying I would dismiss the NGP but I didn't really get on with the original and I know I am not the only one. BTW I am not a kid I am 25.

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zeal0us2836d ago

I would have to say a better launch line-up is the one thing they really need.

the whole 3g thing don't sit well with me wtf are you trying to selling a phone? I get some tablets get 3g but do really need it on an handheld gaming device(yes I know iphone is a handheld gaming device, but its a phone none the less)

Just_The_Truth2836d ago

i think if they had made it a phone too it would be legally hackable like the iphone but if you don't label it as that and allow apps to run it as a phone then your clear plus you can connect to your ps3 anywhere, use the internet, listen to the radio, face to face video chat, play location based games, and so much more some people just aren't ready for 3g it seems

iamnsuperman2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

This article has some good points
"If the NGP can help segue users, much like the iPad Touch did, into an NGP phone or something similar, then Sony has won" I doubt we will see a NGP phone any time soon way to costly

Godmars2902836d ago

And yet the PSP supports Skype.

VampiricDragon_2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

a ngp phone is never going to happen. If they were going to do it. They would of done it and launched it along side the ngp.Instead they basically allowed sony ericson to borrow certain things and make there phone sony certified. But its gimped in terms of gaming potential(cant run psp games, not as graphically strong as the psp, you have to redownload psx games because its not a playstation product) so it wouldnt mess up the ngp.

Sony sees seperate markets. As they should.

I want to buy an ngp but if a phone was attached I would never buy it ever.

jukins2836d ago

i actually think we may see a ngp phone sooner rather than later or should i say an upgraded xperia play close to ngp specs. wouldnt be to bad since most phones are subsidized through carries

despair2836d ago

This article forgot one key factor, the price. $250 or less is what it needs to be, $300 will work but obviously not as well.

Rageanitus2836d ago

they need good advertisement

kewlkat0072836d ago

The PSP is still a Beast hardware's not about the hardware and the latest tech but you have to somewhat mach Nintendo in what have been hot lately and that's the bazillion casual games and touch screen.

It can play on the same playing field while getting ahead.

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