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Samy Masadi of writes, "Until I saw a live, developer-controlled demo of it at PAX, I really didn’t know what to make of Rage. I looked at id Software’s ambitious new first-person shooter—its open world, some fancy graphics tech, and “megatextures” (whatever that means)—with mild enthusiasm, I suppose."

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AvidGamerrrr2748d ago

Actually very excited about this game. Great write up.

wallis2748d ago

This is what games journalism is meant to be. Simple and well written. The focus is almost always the game and informing us of the game's content. When the writer does give an opinion it's quick and as neutral as can be.

Nice to see a change from the usual childish bullshit that permeates games journalism. From "Game X, ps3 vs 360, which looks better?", to "Popular Game X sucks giant dick, here's why" and worst of all... "are video games art?"

REDGUM2748d ago

I'am excited about this game. Not sure why, but I think it will do and play well...............My only query........ is it going to be just like BORDERLANDS but different graphics? Don't get me wrong i loved that game but it will be really dissapointing if it is. Let's hope....

xer02748d ago

Day 1 purchase when this game is released.
Just waiting to pre-order on Amazon :)