Resistance 3 PS3 Multiplayer Pitch-Perfect in Preview

Sony Corp. this week demonstrated Resistance 3 for the Playstation 3 to the press in a media event in Los Angeles.

The controls were pitch-perfect in the multiplayer build...

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jukins2842d ago

damn this is looking much better than i thought it would. think this is my most anticipated game now even above uc3

BattleAxe2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

This Fall and winter are going to be crazy.

PS3: Resistance 3(Day one!), Uncharted 3(Day one!), Mass Effect 3(Day one!) and maybe Modern Warfare 3 depending on what the quality of the game is like as I didn't like Black Ops.

PC: Battlefield 3 and probably others when the Steam Holloween sale and the Christmas sale come around. I still have to buy Crysis 2, but I'm hoping that Steam will knock off $20 from the current price during the summer sale.

InTheZoneAC2842d ago

so what if the controls are now pitch perfect, what about the online graphics, nerfed weapons, bland hit detection and damage that has plagued the online portion for both games?