Thor: "Please Don't Compare Me to God of War."

Bobby Rivera writes, "It’s a rare occurrence where a game featuring an iconic hero is featured in an equally iconic game; titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum are an exception, not the rule. The “what if?” game scenarios gamers wish would occur where something like Assassin’s Creed was actually the engine for a Spider-Man game never occur and we’re left with our favorite hero’s appearing in “me too” titles. The upcoming Thor: God of Thunder seems to share a lot in common with the God of War series. But when your job title states you’re in charge of the weather as opposed to war, you’re just asking for Kratos to chuckle as he makes violent, Greek love to your eye sockets. The Norse God of Thunder may be worthy of lifting the mighty Mjolnir, but not quite have the strength to wrest Kratos’ grip on the realm of action/adventure."

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DangerTick2748d ago

Never planned on it considering the movie will be compared more to a piece of shit as will the game. They picked a terrible "actor" to play Thor.

lociefer2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

woooaah gow ? lol start by being compared to dynasty warriors or something

RememberThe3572747d ago

Bubbles lol. You gotta work your way up to a comparison to God of War.

anh_duong2747d ago

this game looks like god of war

Acquiescence2747d ago

You'll be lucky if you get compared to Golden Axe mate.

Quagmire2747d ago

How dare you even put GOW in the same title as Thor. Pfeh...

Kakihara2747d ago

While we're on the subject. Ladies, please, stop comparing me to Brad Pitt. I'm my own man.

Mnemonic-DK2747d ago

Well, Thor isn't the God of War.... Tyr is! ;)

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