Halo Developer Bungie Wants Blizzard-like Buzz

Bungie wants to gain more recognition as a studio, similar to Blizzard or Valve. While there are legions of Blizzard fans and Valve fans, there aren't so many Bungie fans as much as there are just Halo fans. As the developer continues to build its new IP for Activision, it's looking to change that, Bungie's Marty O'Donnell told IndustryGamers.

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donniebaseball2746d ago

A lot really depends on their new IP with Activision. If that's only mediocre, then suddenly they'll become known as those guys who just did Halo. I'm optimistic though that their talent will shine through.

Shinuz2746d ago

too bad nowadays i don't buy anything that activision publishes.

SixZeroFour2746d ago

and that one purchase makes all the difference /s

lzim2746d ago

then they need an MMO. end of story.