The Chimera Have Won The War In Resistance 3 (And Now They Have Invisible Snipers)

Joseph Cappelli's trip across the war torn, alien occupied America in Resistance 3 will make a stop in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania where Chimeran forces will hunt him down. Here, Capelli will be pursued by the spotlights and the near-invisible snipers of that alien force.

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stevenhiggster2930d ago

Invisible Snipers seem to be all the rage right now.

mushroomwig2930d ago

I wonder how the story will end, it can't end with us being completely wiped least I hope not. Think of the children!

Mr PS32930d ago

Not when i get my hands on a copy of R3
Kill em All
That's whats gonna happen
Cant wait for this game

Simco8762930d ago

You won't be able to play Resistance 4 if you "Kill 'em All"

They don't want the Chimera to get wiped out, they can't make anymore games then... unless you want something like "Humans invade Chimera Homeworld" which would be stupid as hell

Speakindatruth2930d ago

We already had invisible snipers in Resistance 1. Why is this such a big deal? What, they brought the back?
Anyone remember the lasers that'd come at you when you were in Hangar? Yeah, now you remember.