Burnout Crash: New Details Revealed

After last week's rating appeared, for the yet-to-be-announced EA's Burnout Crash, mentioning nothing more than the game's "multiplatform" status, some new details shed light on the nature of the game. Apparently the goal of the game is wreak havoc.

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E3exponews2744d ago

Playable Burnout Crash at E3 please.

M4I0N32744d ago

it'd be awesome if criterion incorporate the frostbite 2 engine into burnout so buildings realistically get destroyed.

MrBubble2744d ago

holy crap yes they need to do that

xtreampro_REVENGE!2744d ago

NOOOOOO WHAT TE HECK IS THIS! Yes they now have crash mode but now thats all the games about.

Why Criterion? it's about time I made a quick visit to their studio and do a little crashing of my own.

Rage_S902744d ago

Love burnout, takedown was the best 1 imo i hope it goes back to those roots instead of the open world of paradise.

barb_wire2744d ago

Totally agree, Takedown is still the best arcade racer I've played.


Yh me to..The opean world in paradise was bad when it came to races..I always get confused mostly when im going at high speeds and i c like 3-4 opean roads and majority of the time i end up taking the wrong roads.

As for me the best(ARCADE) Racing game out now is need for speed hot pursit, Its like Takedown but with police chases and the online is pure fun.

My 30day ban has been lifted...Trolling has a price to pay but i shall forever b the one bubble troll on n4g :)

Gen0ne2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Takedown is my fav too. But Revenge was really good. And I hated Paradise's open world setup.

WayneKerr2744d ago

Can I have a follow on to Burnout 4 please not an open world game.

Neko_Mega2744d ago

Cool not bad, I do wish they would do some HD remakes of the old Burnouts.

Or make a Burnout game like the old ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.