This Year's Best Space Aliens: The Showdown

Gears of War 3 vs. Killzone 3 vs. Duke Nukem Forever vs. Dead Space 2 vs. Bulletstorm vs. Resistance 3 vs. Crysis 2.

It seems that shooting aliens is coming back into fashion this year – thank goodness; I was beginning to tire of shooting the same old Earth-bound terrorists. Granted, the competitors are nearly all sequels so they are not exactly original concepts in design, but the majority of these titles are arguably the biggest games this year. It seems right to compare their common trait – aliens. Rather than ponder over graphics, we decided to get to the nitty-gritty and make character design the grounds for judgment.

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extermin8or2743d ago

Now I can't comment for resistances AI as its been a while but generally I'd have thought the helghast were smarter than the locust in gears of war... that is all

UNCyrus2743d ago

'Space Alien' is a term being used loosely here, since neither the Chimera nor Necromorphs are aliens of any kind.

palaeomerus2743d ago

I think the necromorphs are self ambulatory raw-materials designed to eventually recreate long-dead space aliens though.

extermin8or2743d ago

yes that's true actually, didn't notice that lol

TheKindRoost2743d ago

The chimeras aren't challenging for their intelligence, it's rather more of their aggressivity.

theonlylolking2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

So this is not smart?

They also have bubble like energy shield and lasr bullet tracking technology.

TheKindRoost2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

The signs of intelligence showed by the chimeras comes from very few very intelligent individual called Angels who controls them with mind control. Meaning left alone the chimeras would just go berserk.

extermin8or2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

@yellow 13 actually in resistance 2 the angels were no longer needed or in control, deadelus was the head and then it went down and abit like the standard military structure they had ranks (it was on an intel at the start of a coop level) and they can swear at you in resistance 1 :p don't think that shows to much intelligence though

also those aren't the pure strain chimera

StupidDude2743d ago

The Helghast aren't aliens, though...

UNCyrus2743d ago

look up the definition of "alien" then reconsider your comment.

clank5432743d ago

Well, Crysis 2's win for how tasty they would be. Calamari, yum!

theonlylolking2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

If we are talking realistically then the chimera are basically unstoppable. Just drop a spire and the chimera could basically stop all of those other competitors in 1hr

After the spires send out the swarm and pwn the living the chimera turn those that were taken out by the spires into chimera. The chimera only spire populated areas for the most affect and if it is a whole army vs the chimera they would use it and just turn them into chimera.

The spires are the main reason why most of Europe's population disappeared. If anything the chimera are the greatest threat to any species because of what they can do and there tec.

The locust just have brute force and are powerful. They have brumaks, those spider thingies, etc... They do not do anything tactically which is why they keep getting infiltrated and defeated.

The helghast are not really "aliens" but I will treat them as such.

The helghast has great weaponry, energy shielding technology, and have great vehicle technology and space travel. The problem with the helghast is that they underestimate there enemy too often which causes there loss.
_____________________________ ____________________________
The ceph have high tech, strength, and show no mercy. They are probably the closest ones to giving a challenge to the chimera instead of being annihilated.

Their great tech and being able to attack from the sea gives them a huge advantage. The chimera have sea creatures but they cannot beat the ceph alone. The ceph would beat the chimera at sea but on land and probably air the chimera would win.

I am not going to compare the others since I do not not enough about them to make a good guess on the outcome but they would probably still lose to the chimera.

ChrisPriestman2743d ago

Nice comment. I still think Necromorphs have a chance against the Chimera considering that it is just a bacteria that infects dead tissue. In that case, any Chimera could simply be infected, and how do you beat bacteria? Dettol? :P

extermin8or2743d ago

who could the chimera be defeated when they themselves are a virus? :p