Is Store Exclusive Content Alienating Customers?

iAX: "Wanna know a sure fire way to alienate customers? Tell them to make a choice, or cough up the extra dough. A lot of people, including myself, are a little fed up with the concept of store exclusive content in video games. What is store exclusive content? Well…

Here’s the scene. You’re sitting at home, watching anime, when all of a sudden a commercial pops on for a very anticipated video game. And at the end of the commercial, it entices you with really cool, exclusive in-game content. A new gun, awesome armor, and more levels to play on! Sounds awesome right? All this free content just for pre-ordering a copy of this sweet game! Shiny! But then, the commercial tells you only GameStop is offering the new gun, only Best Buy is offering the awesome armor and only is offering the extra levels. How do you feel?"

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-Alpha3820d ago

It's freaking annoying, cheap, unfair, and ruining online communities.

Graphics3820d ago

GT5 mad me nuts, GT5 had bestbuy, gamestop, amazon, walmart, and kmart. That was terrible, this is why i hate supporting developers this gen.

Quagmire3820d ago

DLC, Store exclusivity, and Online Passes.

What happened to the good ol days when EVERYTHING was included on the disc...for the amount you paid for.

LightofDarkness3820d ago

Yeah, too much gouging. Also means that pirates get more from the game than the people who pay for it, because they can just download all DLC from any copy for free.

STICKzophrenic3820d ago

It's really annoying and it only seems to be getting worse too.

If I have to, I'll pre-order the game from each place that has exclusive content, and I'll return however many extra copies I have. It's a huge hassle, and it sucks to return stuff, but these places should stop having exclusive content.

All these pre-order exclusives are a big reason why I'm going to wait on getting L.A. Noire. They're going to release the content later and charge for it. I'll get the game used, or on sale, and then when (if) I purchase the extra content (that was free) I won't feel like I'm totally getting ripped off.

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The story is too old to be commented.