First Risen 2: Dark Waters Trailer and Concept Art Inside

GameDynamo - "Release date is still unknown. This reveal trailer is over two minutes long, so sit back and enjoy! When you're finished, check out the pretty in-engine artwork"

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Criminal2772d ago

This game looks beautiful. Screenshots captured on PC?

Goomb2772d ago

With this and Dead Island they're really stepping up to the plate. Looks good.

pr0digyZA2772d ago

Maybe I'm misinformed, so correct me if im wrong. but I believe those are two different development houses, Piranha bytes of the gothic series is doing risen 2. Techland of call of juarez is doing dead island.

Goomb2772d ago

Yes, it's just that they have the same publisher. Deep Silver are the ones that seem to be making an effort to publish great games. Let's hope they turn out well!

banjadude2772d ago

I love the first Risen, so this is definitely gonna get me HYPED.

Shinuz2772d ago

I'm probably in the minority here, but i'm actually more anxious to play Risen 2 than Skyrim.

Quagmire2772d ago

Heck, ive just always wanted to play a Pirates RPG. Was bummed when disney cancelled Armada of the Damned, but now we got this, so I'm happy.

Trailer looks great, seems to set up a very epic story.

sonicsidewinder2772d ago

Of what i played of Risen it was a very fun game. Harsh and dificult, but in that you felt acomplishment.

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