The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP) - Popzara Review

A class-act RPG from Falcom that, despite its overused JRPG trappings and slight irritants, is truly one of the genre's hidden gems. Full review by Brittany Vincent.

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VampiricDragon_2743d ago

best trilogy of anything of this gen

kingrich832743d ago

I pretty much would like any RPG, but I would probally like it more if it wasn't handheld game.

jc485732743d ago

I've gotten used to it that I really don't care if they release it on a home or handheld console system. Valkyria Chronicles 2 plays very well on the psp and many more. I started playing on the psp not long ago even though I had it for many years.

CrescentFang2743d ago

You can play the original PC version :)jk Pc version was never translated
It was ported to the PSP with more features and it probably is the definitive version. XSEED did one hell of a job localizing this. If you ever crave for an RPG, I would highly suggest this!

dragonknight42743d ago

This RPG wouldn't be a "hidden gem" if most people weren't mindless sheep and buy something just because it has the Square Enix brand name on it. Definitely the best RPG I played in the last decade on any platform and I'm expecting great things from the sequels.

rataranian2743d ago

Great game. Can't wait for the next two.