How Will Valve's Announcement of Steam on PS3 Change the Console War?

One of the loudest salvos of the console war has been fired; a joint strike between Valve and the Sony’s Playstation: Valve is announcing that Portal 2 on the PSN will be the first title to be absolutely supported between the PC and Playstation.

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TheStonedSheep4850d ago

Hell yeah; my PS3 is already pre-ordered.

cakeisalie4850d ago

It wont change anything, unless more games start coming to PS3 with Steamworks. A single portal 2 being with Steam works wont do anything.

Though it would be interesting to see Sony makes a push and releases its games on PS3 and PC and use Steamworks while they are at it.

Oxymoron0284850d ago

Yeah but do you really expect Valve to put all this effort in then do nothing with it?

I'd be pretty surprised if they did.

MostJadedGamer4850d ago

Yea unless it leads to more PS3 games it is meaningless, but if we start seeing a lot more games ending up on the PS3 then it is a very, very big deal. In the end its all about the games.

TheStonedSheep4850d ago

Nevertheless, it is clear that buy buying the PS3 version, you will be getting by far the most value for your money.

Not only a free Steam copy, but cross platform co-op and now all of this.

Besides, you really think, they'll do nothing more with this? I'm sure Valves partnership with Sony will be very beneficial for both parties and gamers alike; this is only the first step.

zoks3104850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

I agree with oxymoron028, there is no way valve is going to let this slide to the way side after P2. I expect a positive snow ball effect from this for Sony, I'm even going to go as far by saying this pretty much confirms L4D on the PS3/Steam. E3 baby!

Like the article said valve don't do anything half ass, Gabe loves video games but he loves his company even more, he clearly loves to compete to be the best in the industry. MS stepped on his toes with the Orange Box deal and that really pissed them off. Not saying they are doing this to spite MS, just saying that current takes the path of least resistance. Gabe won't put his rep on the line because MS did not want to play ball, the man has a company to run and grow, Sony is offering that growth.

BattleAxe4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

This could potentially lead to exclusive deals if Valve is allowed to advertise its service on PS3, and in return the PS3 might be the console to get Half Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3 exclusively. Lets face it, most PS3 users don't know what STEAM is, so this would be a great opportunity for Valve to have access to almost 50 million PS3 users, and getting them to link their accounts on PS3 with Steam. Because once PS3 users see the kinds of deals on games that you get during all the Steam sales, then Valve stands to gain alot from this.

Bigpappy4850d ago

It will also depend on how balanced cross-platform gaming is. If it is unbalanced,then one side would not care to play with the other.

pixelsword4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

What if PSN games are sold over Steam?

*muses, ponders*

MaxXAttaxX4850d ago

Straight from Valve:

Can't wait for Portal 2.

multipayer4849d ago

That would be sweet if Valve had a master plan to bring more Sony games to the PC. However, I'm afraid they don't have that much pull...yet...

f7897904849d ago

It doesn't matter how many games there are. You are going to take advantage of it because it is an awesome feature.

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Persistantthug4850d ago

See you all on Steam next week. :)

iPad4849d ago

I wonder how Steam is gonna work.

Like is there going to be a Steam section on the XMB or on the game menu.

RBLAZE19884849d ago

Hey if people want more of this kind of partnership, then they should buy portal 2 to show valve that their future efforts would not be in vain. If we want more cross platform multiplayer or co-op and maybe even keyboard and mouse support to play against pc players than we should support this kind of relationship. I'm all for it and have been a fan of valve since half life.

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AmigoSniped4850d ago

I am so excited for this game! Can't wait!

maxcavsm4850d ago

God damnit, I want to play this game on Xbox and keep racking up achievements, but jesus....

BeOneWithTheGun4850d ago

It took me some time to lose the urge for achievements but after hearing 'plink' a few times i started wanting throphies more. i fully abandoned a 20k gamerscore in 2008 for them.

Rage_S904850d ago

sweet shing....sweet, sweet shing.....

pixelsword4850d ago

@ beOne...

...I understand both you and max.

Achievements are hard to get away from because if you never had anything but achievements, it's point perfect! I still love them, but trophies are I think better in that you have golds, silvers, and bronzes and that the rating for the golds can boost your score over those who play a lot of games, but only get the bronzes/silvers. Also, getting a platnium looks so good next to your 100% (unless they release DlC... nabbit!)

Ddouble4849d ago

That trophy sound is so rewarding.

bobrea4849d ago

Yea, I prefer trophies over achievements as well. My gamerscore isn't anything special because I only got my 360 a year ago, but I like how trophies have different ranks to them instead of just a higher number attached to it.

f7897904849d ago

The only issue with trophies is you don't know why you got them most of the time. You have to pause the game, press the PS button, find the trophy and read the description.

It should be a simple firmware upgrade to list why you get a trophy in game. Come on Sony!

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Del6734850d ago

I Want a valve console powered by steam, sick of Sony ms and nintendo

Convas4850d ago

"I Want a valve console powered by Steam"

Nowadays, we just call it a PC buddy.

maxcavsm4850d ago

LOL...true. I think he means without spending two grand every six months.

CrzyFooL4850d ago

Haha, this. +1