Angry Birds to slingshot its way onto Windows Phone 7 May 25th

Those eager to get their Angry Birds fix on their Windows Phone 7 devices will be glad to hear that a date has finally been announced. Today at MIX 11, Joe Belfiore let all the developers and those watching the Live Keynote today that Angry Birds for the Windows Phone 7 will finally be coming May 25th.

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t2taylor2927d ago

No it won't be free. But it's going to rock if it has Xbox Live achievements.

Active Reload2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Where is it free at anywhere else? Or are you talking about the "Lite" version?

mcstorm2927d ago

Cool But tbh WP7 market place dose not need this game anymore it has got plenty of good games out at the mo but good to see the game come across. MS are pushing WP7 again after the NODO update and its good to see as it is a real solid OS and imo the best mobile OS on the market.

hamburger1232927d ago

The Call of Duty of Mobile games

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