OXM UK: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes HD Review

OXM UK: "Clash of Heroes takes much of what's familiar to the Heroes games - the factions, the lore, the board game feel. But then it grabs its wrinkly face with both hands and kisses life into the deadpan fantasy with a valiant stab at humour."

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dirigiblebill2745d ago

Might get this. Not enough turn-based tactical fantasy stuff around, IMO. Ah, for the glory days of Vandal Hearts and FFT...

bangoskank2745d ago

I cannot praise this game enough having played it on the DS, but it is nothing like FFT or Vandal Hearts. This is an RPG puzzle game but just as enjoyable as the the other games mentioned. Trust me, it's a addicting and a lot of fun. I'll be playing it again for the new artwork.

Yi-Long2745d ago

... but not for 1200 pts.

If they would have priced it a normal 800 pts, I would have impulse-bought it, but now I'll wait till it's 600 pts or less.

If I'm still interested in it by then.