The Best Modern 2D Games on the PS2

What's especially interesting about modern 2D games is that not all of them use old-school sprites or hand-drawn art. Some of them actually use 3D graphics for all of the visuals, but keep the gameplay in a 2D perspective. The PS2, in particular has a nice balance of 2D games in both artistic style and gameplay.

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TheUltimatePS3Fanboy4021d ago

people always are complain about 2D games but i say if they have a good storyline and great gameplay then who cares?

Bonsai12144021d ago

shikigami ftw. i love that game to death

bym051d4021d ago

Heh, by far the best 2D game on the PS2 or the PS3 is Final Fantasy Tactics from the original PS.

Zhuk4021d ago

2d games rock and hopefully they will see a renaissance and I love Racketboy its one of my fav sites

UltramanJ4021d ago

Gradius 5 and Rtype Final rock, as does Contra SS. Klonoa 2 was sorta so-so though, and good luck finding a copy of Marvel vs Capcom 2. Red Star I recently traded in, but was a solid fun game. I also thought Neo Contra was a blast to play despite putting off some Contra purists.