After the Gears 3 Beta, Farewell Bulletstorm?

RespawnAction: "As with many games that come packed-in with some sort of bonus, a lot of gamers decided to pick up the recent first-person shooter Bulletstorm for one reason, and one reason only--early access to the Gears of War 3 beta. While some may have actually opened the initial game and found it to be quite a thrill ride, others probably still have their copy of Bulletstorm sitting in its shrink-wrap, and are waiting anxiously for April 18."

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bluegreenman2744d ago

trading games in is a disgrace to everyone in the industry. Why would I take a game I payed 60 for, and trade it in for like 8$ store credit. There are hundreds of hours in the games I buy, selling them like that would defeat the purpose for me, I play games to make awesome memories in these universes, or with a friend online or in coop. Every time I look at one of my cases, I can remember all the great times with that game. So no, I will not be returning my bulletstorm:)

BXbomber2744d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jaces2744d ago

Personally I had more fun with Bulletstorm than Gears, that's just me though.

Your an idiot if you bought Bulletstorm in the first place for the beta, why not just buy it off ebay for a lot less?

iistuii2744d ago

What great fun I'm still having with this game. Very underrated it's good old FPS fun. On topic I usually finish my games and eBay them. People on there are crazy. I pay say £34.99 online for my games and because in the local town they are £42.99 I usually nearly get my money back after completing them, cheaper than renting lol. The only games I keep after finishing are the ones I play online. I actually made money on Heavy Rain, finished it in a couple of days, sold it as new but not sealed and got more for it than I first paid, good old eBay.

Raven_Nomad2743d ago

Trading in games doesn't make sense. I keep all my games, which is why I have like 120 physical games for my 360. I still play the BS online and have plans on doing the campaign again at least once.

Excalibur2743d ago

nope, I'm having fun with Bulletstorm.