Duke Nukem Forever was “75-80% complete” when 3D Realms closed in 2009

Triptych Games’ president David Riegel has revealed in a podcast over on the official Duke Nukem Forever site, that the game was 75-80 percent complete when 3D Realms shut its doors back in 2009.

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Zip3454d ago

No wait, only 75 - 80% ? What did they do in all thoose years? Having BBQ parties? ...

the strongest survive in the nature, and this little animal sure didnt prove itself strong enough

pr0digyZA3454d ago

It's true what you say, but you must remember this went through many iterations, I believe it had two different engines. They also were apparently to ambitious for the time and therefore had budgetary constraints. Another thing I heard is that this game is longer than the average first person shooter.And before someone says it's taken fifteen years to make so it should be, It was averaged that actual development time on this was 4 years the rest was scrapped material. Personally I think they reached for the stars but hit a tree.

therapist3454d ago that's why it looks like pure garbage

Fallouts3454d ago

when is this game going to come out already? i think this game is going to be trash. i always read stories like this and never how its shaping up to be.

showtimefolks3454d ago

this game is running on this has to sell in 5-8million range to make that money back

good thing is gearbox bought DN IP so i guess take-two owns this IP too we will see more DN games in the future which will be better than this

let's be honest most of us will buy this game just because it could be like old days just plain old fun

3454d ago