Mortal Kombat Invades your TV

Mortal Kombat is getting serious now, the game's release is right on the horizion... now it's time to let the masses know.

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ms882772d ago

I can't wait. What's with the music tho?

dry_ice2772d ago

I don't know, but it makes me want to hurt people. Effective choice if you ask me.

farhsa20082772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

It is called "Reptile's Theme- Skrillex"

D3athc3ll2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

i saw the first episode today. It was Good and Bad at the same time!

- Well, its mortal kombat!!! My fav is scorpion, but nothing on him the first episode! Sub-Zero = 2nd fav! Great action and great special Effects (for a tv series).

The Bad
- Mmmmm, trying to act too good, can get annoying! Sonya!
Oh and also, try looking like humans with extra abilitys or something, not angry videogamers! "Why so serious?"

Still its MK, so just knowing scorpion or sub-zero will be in it, is worth watching!

The game will kick ass though! Cant wait!! Ima rule the online - FINISH HIM!!

Quagmire2771d ago

The fact that it has Michael Jai White alone makes the series watchable.