Burnout Crash is 'action arcade style', set in Crash City

Joystiq write
Last week, a rating appeared for the unannounced "Burnout Crash" on the Australian classification board's site. We followed up with the board to find out more about EA's mysterious "multiplatform" game, and received the following synopsis of the submitted content: "An action arcade style game set in the fictional world of Crash City. The aim of the game is to cause as much damage as possible to traffic and buildings by crashing a car into them."

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chak_2836d ago

sounds a bit too much actually.

Latest burnout was really cool though

MidnytRain2836d ago

I wonder what direction, exactly, this game is being pushed in. All I've gotten so far is a mental image of ramming a car into things, which doesn't sound like much fun all.


Could they just not add this on to paradise?

Making it like the party pack add on we got

aaaaaaaaa2836d ago

All the burnout games of the past have been good plus i think its far to early to think of it as DLC, I think it will be far bigger than this article is suggesting.