Plasma Station : Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 The Fate Of Two Worlds Review

Marvel and Capcom return in one of the best fighting cross over games ever made. With the third installment in the series, will it live up to the previous? With many years to perfect it, we will find out. Capcom knows how to make a fighting game, and now they have to out do themselves so they can bring all the fans back for a third round. From experience the second game was amazing and one of the best fighting games ever made, I had high hopes for this game. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 met my expectations but not fully. There were several disappointments but it won’t stop me from playing this game for a long time coming. Hopefully it doesn’t take them 10 years to make another Marvel Vs. Capcom game. There are returning characters from the series and new faces to explore in the third installment of the game. Some of the big characters from the first two games just didn’t make the cut because they had to make room for the new characters. With 32 characters to have in the game and 4 characters to unlock only making it a total of 36 in all it feels like a huge let down from its predecessor which supported 56 characters. A smaller roster compared to the other two games, but none to worry for the roster has some great selection and really makes you think on who to pair up with. MvC3 is flashy, bright, beautiful, and full of enjoyment. It has action written all over it and it doesn’t leave us empty-handed...

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