Shadows of the Damned Monsters Are Damn Scary

Hell Descent: Some concept art of the monsters in Shadows of the Damned have surfaced. Easily, these creatures are the stuff of nightmares.

Withered human bodies with evil eyes trapped in body cages with blades on their appendages; corpse like things with machines on their arms, and red electricity flying out of their heads; pregnant skeleton gas mask things, and more. Oh boy.

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dgroundwater2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Holy crap nice designs. They look really horrific, only the last one is a tad generic and low detail.

I really hope this game plays like a cracked out Japanese Dead Space.

Lavalamp2748d ago

I really hope this game plays like Suda-Mikami awesomesauce.

Venox20082747d ago

I trust Suda :) it's being said earler that it will be Grasshoppers trully game :) Mikami is on technical side...

Quagmire2747d ago

CyberPunk Bondage Necromorphs


SovereignSnaKe2748d ago

~buying this!, not even giving it a 2nd thought! :)

bluegreenman2748d ago

Playing games like this in full surround sound blasting makes you really appreciate technology lol

Acquiescence2747d ago

considering who's involved with its development. But I'll reserve judgement until I play it.