Ask Your Questions - Operation Flashpoint: Red River

GGTL: "Operation Flashpoint: Red River is set to release frighteningly soon, and in their wisdom the good men and women at Codemasters have been kind enough to give gamers one last opportunity to inquire about the upcoming super-tactical first-person shooter by way of an exclusive Community Interview with Gamer's Guide to Life."

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Antholex2837d ago

The game looks interesting, be nice to hear what the developers have to say about it.

cowkimon2837d ago

If it can live up to its hype and fix the issues fans had with its predecessors, I may give Red River a try.

Pin-Pin-Ire2837d ago

TO be honest, I think this game is going to flop miserably :)

itsthatguy2837d ago

Never played Flashpoint before. MIGHT think about it though if this scores anywhere close to well. <3 codemasters.