Helghast Invade Your Toy Shelf!

EU PSBlog: Ever since we announced the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, one of the questions we’ve been asked most frequently is “will there be more Killzone action figures?” Today, we can answer that question with a proud and unequivocal yes.

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GodofwarGoty2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

these are so cool they should release ISA ones to like Sev I want one i get to Collect them all (LoL)

cannon88002744d ago

This is so freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

BulletToothtony2744d ago

mine is already filled with Resistance toys sorry.

_Q_2744d ago

Cool At least the Hig that came with the Helghast edition is unique. I dont feel slighted now

trainsinrdr2744d ago

do people actually buy these things lol

RevXM2744d ago

I got a marksman figure with the hig editon.
IMO its cool.

RevXM2744d ago

Radec: "DO NOT.. TOY WITH ME!"

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