3D can be new standard for shooters, says SOCOM dev

'Immersion, deep environments and a real sense of danger'

Killzone 3, Crysis 2 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops have all recently included the option to play in stereoscopic 3D, winning rave reviews from critics for the implementation of the tech.

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Joni-Ice2772d ago

Thats awesome Zipper, Now can I get Demo back with 3D?

bumnut2772d ago

We need new consoles before 3d will take off, the current ones are just not powerful enough to use it well.

chak_2772d ago

Yeah, but good game could also be new standard.

Follow my eyes.

tatotiburon2772d ago

first make a shooter worth to buy and then we speak

cliffbo2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

killzone 3 in 3d is well worth it so is crysis 2 so go troll somewhere else.

ps i suggest you try it before you knock it i have 3d tv and it is awesome and everyone i know who has seen it loves it.

FailOverHero2772d ago

Yeah calm down there sunshine, his comment is directed specifically at Zipper based on the reception SOCOM is getting.
As in they should focus on making a good shooter 1st before talking about 3D

king dong2772d ago

lol cliffbo... calm down! people can have a different opinion.

but, can you pm me with your opinions on 3D please. also do you have a telly that can convert 2D to 3D on your set? and does it work well

many thanks

Fishy Fingers2772d ago

It's great for those that currently have it, which of course is the minority, in this case (based on beta/reviews) the time to implement it should of been spent else where.

MysticStrummer2772d ago

@Joni - Bomb Squad is better than Demolition, and makes more sense. @chak - Zipper has delivered two good games this generation. It's just too bad for the masses neither are like Call of Duty. I'm a Socom vet from game one day one, and I'm laughing at all the whiners.

Joni-Ice2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Bomb Squad is good addition but we need demo and Extraction back. Also I hope they have Socomish maps. The maps in the beta felt like MAG type of maps.

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