Sony showcase Toro, the Sony Cat, in Japanese PSN video

This video introduces the Japanese PSN, it contains something that we do not see in the US, such as quirky PS1 games and the iconic Cat, Toro the Sony Cat, from Doko Demo Issho..

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Frances-the-Mute4112d ago

i love playing the game Toro is in

DrWan4112d ago

according to wikipedia, this Toro guy actually has his own Anime show, and he reports gaming blog 3 times a day and ask questions. If player answer it correctly, they are given items to decorate his house.

This seems like a earlier concept of Home.

StrboyM4112d ago

Ive been playing the toro news station game on my ps3 since it launched, (my girlfriend is japanese) she translates and its much fun they update every day with strange odd news and interesting (sometimes) stories, I always hoped they would release something like this to the american market like (space ghost coast to coast) exclusive to the ps3, just as a news (nothing supper important, just odd stories and general info) and make it funny and interactive.

now on the toro game you can play along in quizes amd win points which you can buy house decorations, also when special people are featured on the show you win things like ninja gaiden posters and ridgerace posters its cool

DrWan4112d ago

that sounds pretty tight dude.