Anonymous: Prepare For The Biggest Attack You Have Ever Witnessed

GeoHot has taken a settlement with sony. The case has been dropped. In the eyes of the law, the case is closed, for anonymous it is just beginning.

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Sanii2772d ago

This is getting kind of old now

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rrw2772d ago

just wait 2-3 week and the will be bored

X-DominusRebellis-X2772d ago

just wait 2-3 week and the will be bored

alien6262772d ago

wow so now that geehotz and sony came up to a settlement they are now changing there attack because "sony" got ip address when they didnt? i thought it was the use for the lawyers not sony...

pixelsword2772d ago

Be prepared: 1000 pizzas being ordered...

DrFUD2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"just wait 2-3 week and the will be bored"

I doubt it.
These people obviously have issues.
They have a warped sense of entitlement and if this news is true it seems they want to pretend to be righteous.
But don't fight too hard because you don't make shit and the people who do never got anything from you while you take their creations and use them to your benefit even if you bought it or stole it.

ikkokucrisis2772d ago

I kind of would rather have Sony be giving their $$ to 1st party devs to make kick ass games than to be losing it all on lawsuits right now...

crxss2771d ago

I love how Sanii/OP says "This is getting kind of old now" yet he's the one submitting the news articles...

teething2771d ago

does anyone care anymore?

will teenage-entitled-PS3-pirate-ne rds actually have the balls to sit in a store all day with a mask on?

The answers are no and NO CHANCE IN HELL.

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Headquarters112772d ago

"on April 16, grab your mask, go to a Sony Store, and stand there like a total idiot, while everyone laughs at you"

--------2772d ago

It'll drive you f*cking insane.

norman292772d ago

Next they'll be trying to blow up the houses of parliament :|

xabmol2772d ago


Remember, remember!

norman292772d ago

Lol i was remembering it from V for Vendetta :P


"Remember, remember" is a line from the movie... Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

xabmol2772d ago


It's a lot more than just a quote from a movie.

ChronoJoe2772d ago

Maybe not this cause, or this time, but eventually one of them will definitely try to take it too far.

I also hate how absolutely anyone can represent anonymous, and suggest it's the consensual opinion. In this case 'anonymous' isn't going to mean any more than 10-20 people.

jeeves862772d ago

They fail to realize that people will support you online, when they're anonymous, but a mask doesn't to shit for anonymity.

Especially when you can potentially be arrested for disturbing the peace. Or trespass to property if you happen to be in a mall, like most Sony Stores I've ever been to...

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hamburger1232772d ago

You should watch out with what your saying. Before you know it you get 200 pizzas from them

Biggest2772d ago

My neighbors and I wouldn't be too upset about that.

mastiffchild2772d ago

IF Anon were to use crappy tactics like sending pizzas to Sony employees addresses they should think twice. A mate of mine went through a spate of that kind of crap(30 pizzas in one night, twenty taxis etc) when he finished with a crazy ex he had at the time. Thing is it only hurts the small businesses that get pissed around by the prankster-my mate didn't pay any of the guys turning up at his door and just added a password at the taxi firm he used and the takeaway joints he used.

30 pizzas from an independent sot in one or two nights, though, could really hurt a small business esp if t was just starting. Also wasting food is such a fekkin disgrace when people are going hungry in so many nations. So, any tactics of THAT kind and Anon will only hurt total innocents.

frostypants2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"You should watch out with what your saying. Before you know it you get 200 pizzas from them"

And then I have the terrible inconvenience of...*GASP*...refusing delivery! It'll waste 20 seconds of my day! NNNOOOOOO!!!

The only people being harmed are the pizza businesses.

NatureOfLogic2772d ago

sony just raided graf_chokolo for a second time, They need this.

Can't wait :)

ziggurcat2772d ago Show
Senden2772d ago

Yet you think the solution to the problem is to " rip off their stupid masks, punch them in the gut and kick them in the balls."

ziggurcat, tell me who really lacks the common sense?

I bet the raid wasn't even based on any real evidence and the guy gets away with it as he hasn't done anything wrong.

frostypants2772d ago

They absolutely deserve to have their masked ripped off and to be kicked in the balls, because they're only inconveniencing consumers and innocent bystanders with this bush-league prank crap.

gamingdroid2772d ago

So it is fine to be violent against other people merely because they inconvenience you!

Freedom of speech and tolerance goes hand in hand. If you live in the US, I'm saddened to say that our forefathers fought for your right to be ignorant!

zag2771d ago


Yet you think the solution to the problem is to " rip off their stupid masks, punch them in the gut and kick them in the balls."

While quite funny if you did that for real, the real funny fact is you'd actually be more anonymous in real life doing that than the group doing DDoS attacks claiming to be anonymous on the net.

Also doing anything now is just pointless, I don't see why they haven't busted geohot's arse about giving up.

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Quickstrike2772d ago

Ok everyone you know the drill, on April 16th we all go to wherever the protest are going on and buy SONY products to piss them off.

AssassinHD2772d ago

I actually mapped out directions to the nearest Sony Style store for that very purpose. All of this publicity that Anonymous is giving Sony is making me want another TV. Sure I could just go to Best Buy, but why pass on the chance to piss off random idiots?

ziggurcat2772d ago Show
Senden2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Whoops double post.

Senden2772d ago

Lol you think you're smart now but think about it for a second, if you actually pissed them off, what do you think would happen? I'll tell you what will happen, you'll be coming on here raging Sunday afternoon as PSN gets attacked again.

HolyOrangeCows2772d ago

I was considering doing this. I think I'll wear a "Newface" or "Trollface" mask, too.

Hey look guis! I gotta new PSTREE! *Trollface.jpg*

AssassinHD2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I will not be intimidated by terrorists, cyber or otherwise.

Edit: @below

You are assuming that Anonymous ceased their attack because of honorable intent. It is far more likely that, being the less than honorable type that they are, they simply ceased attacking because Sony hired Prolexic to handle the DDoS situation.

Senden2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Good for you assassin and I agree, nobody should feel intimidated by what Anonymous are doing. Still though, just because you won't be intimidated by what anonymous are doing, it probably won't stop you coming on here complaining and calling them every name under the sun if they do take PSN down again.

jadenkorri2772d ago

the only thing we can do is not buy Sony products. IF you don't like what Sony is doing, then don't buy, goto MS they have a console too and lots of good games, or even Nintendo. When you bought a ps3/360/wii, you bought it for gaming and playing movies, not a computer to install you own applications, if you did, well you bought the wrong f'in product. I work in a call center and half of us have psps, all modded as far as i know, maybe a few not, but everyone has pirated games, I have not come across 1 person yet to be running a paint program on their psp, or a their own app, its pointless.

zag2771d ago

The problem with not buying ANY sony product means not buying any of their TV, stereo, surround sound, console, hand held console, mobiles, DJ equipment, car radio, amps, speakers, music cds, movie dvds/blurays,blurays all together seeing as Sony would have licensing off that platform so could never own any bluray player from any maker never buy any bluray movie from any maker, laptops, notebooks, tablets, desktop computers, games, mmo games, walkmans, mp3 players, iphone players, and what ever else they also make.

many of the people who say they'll never buy a sony console probably won't but will also probably buy something else Sony does make.

So most people probably wont buy LBP2 yet will still buy black ops even though they'd be breaking the sony boycott because it'd be on a bluray disk, also renting or buying pre owned would break this rule as well.

and many people just won't adhere to such a rule for long anyway.

Quickstrike2771d ago

I'll be playing on my Wii on Sunday or offline on my PS3. So no coming on here raging about a hypothetical PSN down due to another DDoS attack won't be necessary.

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plb2772d ago

I'll take a wild guess and say just another DDOS.

xAlmostPro2772d ago


Take back your sony products.. erm they already have the money, and you probably won't get a return unless it was faulty..

"thi biggest attack ever" .. aka guys in masks sitting on a shop floor? lol

p.s i'm sure this is a modified statement of the original post by anon.. the original never mentioned "biggest attack ever" or "taking back sony products"..

most of these videos are made by randomers who put the anon posts into a text to speech software lol


InLaLaLand2772d ago

You should see the comments on the PSX scene lol. They hate Sony and yet they own a PS3 lol.

zag2771d ago

HEY! now!

It's not just 3 tossers in masks sitting in front of a shop for 15 mins.

They'll do another DDoS attack and this time they expect it to go down for a whole 6 hours!

Ha that'll teach Sony!

Brosy2772d ago

As many whiny gamers that have posted their hilarious rants on the web, I say bring down PSN again Anon. Go Anon!!!! Teach these drones about how anti-consumer Sony really is. Step it up a notch Anon.

AssassinHD2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Bringing down the PSN, and therefore preventing consumers from accessing a service they wish to access, is very anti-consumer. They claim that to be the reason why they stopped the attacks in the first place. Personally I believe it is convenient that they arrived at that conclusion shortly after Prolexic was hired to prevent the DDoS attacks, but whatever.

Do you realize the irony of your comment? You are asking that they perform an anti-consumer act in order to show people how anti-consumer Sony is.

Edit: Clearly I have wasted my time here. I take full responsibility for that. I knew I was replying to an idiot the minute I started. Please disregard my comment.

Brosy2772d ago

So? All these stories are the same. Mindless Sony drones crying because their beloved Sony has drawn the attention of a group that doesn't give two shits as who Sony is. They are all just as guilty as Sony. Bring down PSN Anon!!!

PHOEBUS2772d ago

wait, you don't like playing online!?!?
it's free!

nskrishna22772d ago

Fine then, I'll take your xbox/pc or whatever you have and play on it until PSN is back up.....
What? Stop staring man. To get something, you have to loose something, didn't you know that?

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kalebgray922772d ago

lol we have rebels vs nato in libya .... and here we have anon nerds attacking sony.... just stupid.... get life or gtfo

kalebgray922772d ago

and i always thought microsoft was the evil corp.???? they are the ones charging for live lmao

Blad3star2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"rebels vs nato in libya"

Where the hell dp you get your news from?

Its Ghadafis troops vs Nato

The rebels are fighting against Ghadafi.

kalebgray922772d ago

they all look the same on the news... all carry ak's on the back of toyotas lol.... but ur right my mistake

bloodcell2772d ago

why did you even submit this? why are people even approving these anymore? your cluttering up my N4G viewing space.

Blad3star2772d ago

Well it this or

Kinect out Sells Move?
Vchartz numbers?
PS3 outsells 360 6:1 in Japan?
Patcher: The sky is falling?
HipHopGamwer: Yo dog (Insert Game Here) is amazing and out of this world?

So yeah this can pass.

DarkSpawnClone2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"HipHopGamwer: Yo dog (Insert Game Here) is amazing and out of this world? "

XD!!! blad3star bubbles.

but yeah i agree with you bloodcell

HellzAssassin2772d ago

Agreed... This is pathetic... and really annoying now.

starcb262772d ago

I bet they're gonna throw water balloons at the U.S HQ.

Bull5hifT2772d ago

There gonna order tretton some MALE escorts

DeFFeR2772d ago

That would actually be funny - not because it's Tretton, but because it's male escorts.

RustInPeace2772d ago

"Now" its getting old?!

lee_ten2772d ago

this dude (or dudes) need to get a life already.

CryofSilence2772d ago

Further proof that Anonymous is just a bunch of immature terrorists. They have no class or style whatsoever.

nskrishna22772d ago

I didn't know terrorists in general are very mature..:P
If they were, they wouldn't be manipulated by the teachings of their own religion...
Islam does not promote voilence...

DarkSpawnClone2772d ago

Zzzzz.. wake me up when this is over and the anons have stopped..

yeah this is really boring now and really Annoying,just quit it anonymous leave us gamers alone seriously ;/ you are doing more harm then good.

starcb262772d ago

They should change they're name to annon for annoying.

sikbeta2772d ago

I thought this crap was over, just move on...

chriski3332771d ago

That's funny I live in chicago im gonna go to the sony store at woodfield mall its one of the biggest malls in the US gonna watch and see if retards show up in masks and get arrested hahahaha as for these attacks just stop its getting old and u have done no damage

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kenpachi2772d ago

These nerds need to get laid

AxeCain2772d ago Show
sikbeta2772d ago

They need to get a life first...