TGV: Tomb Raider HD Trilogy is $30 via Amazon

Crystal Dynamics did a really great job giving the great Tomb Raider games an HD facelift. Now that same HD facelift is coming to you for a discount via Amazon.

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Negadeth2772d ago

If I had a PS3, I'd get this. I missed all the HD Tomb Raiders (and, well, pretty much all of them since the first one), but they seem like they'd be worth a punt.

Hope they decide to bring this out for 360!

Sidology2772d ago

If only! But unless it gets released digitally, it seems that HD facelifts are strictly PS3 business.

egidem2772d ago

Even if they are released digitally, they still won't be available on the Xbox 360. Prince of Persia HD Trilogy is available both digitally and on disc format. Both are not available elsewhere except on the PS3.

egidem2772d ago

Sorry dude, if you want this HD remake, you are going to have to jump onto the PS3 wagon. The same goes for the Splinter Cell one