GamerSushi - Why War Gaming Needs a Break

GamerSushi writes: "Playing a video game from the perspective of the military is old hat, yet it’s a well that the industry keeps going back to. It’s easy to find an enemy and give your players a reason to go around the globe using all the latest weaponry (or period specific weaponry, depending on the setting), but the thrill is starting to wear out."

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trainsinrdr2745d ago

not gonna happen anytime soon its the where all the competition is at the minute kinda like which company can beat cod first

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

Supply and demand, devs will continue to push them while people continue to buy them. It's clearly the most popular genre today.

You could always just not play them if they're not to your taste.

ddurand12745d ago

human conflict is one of the most interesting, captivating and emotional experiences that we have as humans.

BeastlyRig2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Because 64 players, less call of duty like gameplay & innovation are missing on certain platforms?

As a pc gamer I cannot disagree more!


PC is were the fps magic happens!

BF3 will be nice also!

DelbertGrady2745d ago

Journalists need a break. Same rehashed whining or top lists every day. 1 out of 10 stories have something original to say. I guess you need to be quick when your main goal is to increase site traffic.

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