Halo 10th Anniversary Hits With Waypoint And Marketplace Update

Love Halo? Who doesn’t! Marking the 10th anniversary of the launch of Halo for the original Xbox console, your boys from Redmond are planning a party, along with the Bungie crew, by way of Waypoint and the Live Marketplace. With plenty of data to be absorbed, check out the details on the upcoming fiesta, including a full description and media afterward.

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The Meerkat2746d ago

Not the sort of news that will set the internet alight.

Some info on a new game from 343 would make me happier.

JoeIsMad2746d ago

Video game news is news. Halo fan boys will love to hear about it, and the sheer variety of avatar gear should get your juices flowing at least a bit. Now not every damned spartan suit has to look the same.

Droid Control2746d ago

Everything post Halo 1 sucks!
Just give me my halo 1 remake M$ and go back to flogging your Kinect Wii rip off shovelware.